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Defibrillator locating website launched in West MidlandsBBC NewsThe Defib Finder website also gives directions to where the defibrillator is kept and a contact name. West Midlands Ambulance Service, Safeheart UK and the Community Heartbeat charity have spent three years developing the website.

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Defibs are now becoming a way of life more people have heart problems, an AED will give a person a better chance of survival outside hospital, they need to be shocked within 4 minutes for the best chance of survival. Click here to sign the petition

Thornes a shop in Penzance shop has helped raise money to pay for the train station to have its own lifesaving public access heart defibrillator (PAD).

Last September Thornes, on Causewayhead, was handed a PAD by the Ronnie Richards Memorial Charity, but staff were so supportive of the campaign they decided it would be good to raise money for the next one. The shop knows first-hand how important this machine can be after a customer suffered a cardiac arrest in the store in 2011.

Staff dressed up as nurses and doctors and £732 was raised over four days through collection boxes and a raffle. They also hope to run another defibrillator day in the future.

Penzance train station had its new defibrillator installed in December and most of the station’s staff have now been trained to use the equipment.

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There are two heart conditions that need immediate emergency care; a heart attack and a cardiac arrest. If you think you, or someone you know, is suffering from a heart attack or a cardiac arrest you need to call 999 or 112 for an ambulance immediately.