What is an AED?

Posted on my life Jul 31st, 2011 by Admin

AED in an airport

What is an AED?

Now you might all have seen on various TV shows doctors and emergency services personnel arriving at the scene of a person having a heart attack or cardiac problems and having to breakout a defibrillator and shouting ‘Clear’ as they apply the paddles and shock the patient to restart or reset their cardiac rhythm.

In the real world though sudden cardiac attacks happen hundreds of thousands of times a year in the UK, in pretty much any situation and location. Studies have shown that from point of cardiac attack occurring there is just 8 minutes to save the persons life. Do you think that everywhere you go you are just 8 minutes away from a defibrillator and trained operator?

Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) can do the same thing as a standard defibrillator, but requires much less training to use. The AED is designed, once the electrodes have been stuck to the torso, to analyze the patients cardiac rhythm and then with visual and/or voice commands will take the operator through the steps to perform an electric counter-shock (defibrillation).

AEDs vary in look and size, but most are the size of a large laptop and can be stored next to a First Aid unit.